Hi! I’m Chris. Here are some things about me.



I’m a family man – husband to Suzanne and father to Maddy, both of whom I love fiercely.  We’ve also got a beagle named Charlie rounding out our merry little band.  Some important rituals in our house: watching Wheel of Fortune at night, reading lots of books, sharing meals with friends, and laughing and dancing as frequently as possible

I’m a local church pastor in a rural congregation in southwest Kansas.  I’ve pastored in small, medium, and large churches over the last decade and have a passion for relationship-driven ministry.  I really enjoy playing together in the sandbox of ideas, which involves listening, studying, digesting, and communicating them.

I’m a student at Wesley Seminary in the Doctor of Ministry program specializing in spiritual formation.  I have just started this journey and am beginning to hone in on research that will focus on the spiritual formation of geek culture.

I’m a nerd, through-and-through.  I grew up and still enjoy playing board games, card games, collectible games, and role-playing games, with a little bit of video gaming mixed in.  I read and watch science fiction and fantasy and enjoy comic books as well.

Feel free to poke around and shoot me an email if anything resonates with you and you’d like to start a dialogue.

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