Like You

This is an excerpt from my prayer journal on a recent spiritual retreat I took.  I think this is appropriate for Thanksgiving – to name what I’m thankful for and to center my prayer on being more like the object of my gratitude.
– Chris

You are

the son
the One

in whom and through him and by whom
everything is that is.

You are

the divinus


the mundus
made wondrous

a dirty, earthen cup

and built-up
with what’s-up
in God’s cup.

That’s who You are.

You took

the broken and
made it born again
by breaking it and
it will rise again.

You are

the I AM
– and I am

because…I ain’t
full’a great.

You don’t

leave me with no hope.

You breath

a Holy Ghost
a Holy Host
A Ghost with the most

the Most High
that I
might be filled up
to my eyes

I start

to look

like You.

I wanna look like you.

Author: Chris McFadden

Christ follower. Husband. Father. Pastor. Student. Sometimes writer. Lover of board games.

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